Saturday, April 6, 2013


Macarons have always possessed a certain allure, some sort of attraction that I could never dispel.

Today, I finally caved. I made some macarons.

Relying on Martha Stewart for success, I googled a simple Parisian style macaron recipe (a French dessert) and set to work.

The outcome?

Vanilla meringue patties sandwiching delightful cream cheese frosting.

I had to make some changes to the recipe because I attempted two batches of filling and each time, my meringue simply went runny. Six eggs and a carton of butter later, I scrapped that idea and went for old-fashioned cream cheese frosting--trusty, reliable, and easy. I don't use a recipe for that anymore--I just go for it, dumping powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and cream cheese into my Kitchen Aid. (In this case I also added blue food coloring to tint the filling).

I know they aren't exactly five star material, but at least my family liked them. 

Next time I attempt macarons, I'm going to bake a thin layer of cake (box cake will work) and cut out patties from that, then whip up a filling. That should work too.

Multi-colored ones remind me of pretty patties from SpongeBob, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to tint them rainbow.

Ah well, they still tasted the good, and the frosting was surprisingly a big hit.

I love the idea of opening a little confectionary selling cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, and all sorts of other lovely sweets.

Delicious! :)

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