Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tea + Twix

Today we purchased some tea from the Barnes and Noble Starbucks cafe.

I decided to make some for tea time :)

The Raspberry Herbal looked especially appealing, and since I'm a sucker for pale pink, it was the obvious choice.

Not only is the tin cute, but it smelled divine.

I whipped some up in the Keurig....

And decided to have a little tea with some homemade Twix bars for a treat.

One thing about these Twix bars. 

Make your own caramel, or buy caramel chips to melt it down.

I tried to use the kind one might drizzle on their ice cream, and it didn't solidify, so when we cut into it, it just oozed all over the place.

Still tastes delicious, but it isn't the best presentation ever.

Oh well...

The perfect afternoon snack :))

What do you have for teatime?


  1. Those twix bars are really clever! We should make those together sometime :)

    Love the teas, tea time is the best time of the day!


  2. Hellloooo Miss Jessica! My my it has been ages hasn't it. Your blogs, every incarnation of them, are my happy place. Such sweet, cheerful and pretty images. Missed you tons can't wait to return to it all!